Waste Management

Case study of ZKC products in waste utilization



Waste and recycling is one of the most visible and relied upon services in your local area. When things go wrong, it makes big news, and your organisation’s satisfaction levels take a long time to recover. Our industry specific products and solutions have been specially designed and selected to make sure your teams benefits from the latest technology which will support their hard work.

Residential collection

What You Need


Meeting the waste management demands of residents and businesses requires careful strategic planning and a lot of hard work – and that’s before an address is missed or a dispute is raised. When staff are under pressure, the last thing they need is to be distracted by logistical and hardware issues.


Improved satisfaction ratings

Improved reputation

Reduced staff stress levels

Meet health and safety targets

Cut down on fuel expenditure

Help encourage residents to take pride in their environment

Meet budgetary requirements

Save money

Our Solution

ZKC experts have over 14 years’ experience researching and supplying to Waste and Recycling providers and the public sector. Our Rugged handheld PDA help reduce hazards, enable easier job tracking and helping your team keep on top of every job. Your service will be noticeably improved, even during the busy Christmas period.


Workloads are eased.

Staff pressure is reduced.

Your reputation is improved.

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