Application of ZKC products in the field of warehouse storage


You don’t have time for warehouse technology that doesn’t work as hard as your staff. ZKC already knows that in the logistics industry, it is essential for operatives to work fast and be efficient – otherwise turnaround times will rise and orders are lost. When there’s a constant race against time, you need systems that can keep up with the pace. We can help you stay ahead -our solutions give your staff greater freedom to carry out labelling and order picking requirements.

People Working in Warehouse


What You Need

Time is wasted when your operatives have to return to a central printer to produce labels. Hardware complications place constraints on your capacity to work to schedule, and tracking issues can be costly. We understand the pressures you face – and we have designed solutions to help you tackle them head on.


Proof of delivery with electronic signature capture Ease of product identification – costly mistakes are reduced Tracking of items in warehouse and supply chain – reduced admin costs Quick and easy product location Improved productivity and efficiency Reduced overheads.

Our Solution

ZKC experts have over 14 years’ experience researching and supplying equipment to the warehousing industry – we know your business almost as well as you do. Our handheld PDA have been chosen because they reduce turnaround times – operatives can check information remotely, reducing downtime and administration.


Improved productivity.

Faster turnaround.

Satisfied customers.

Greater profit margins.



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