Application case of ZKC equipment in logistics industry


When there’s a constant race against time, you need systems that can keep up with the pace. ZKC has curated specialist products that will improve the way you work: electronic proof of delivery, receipt printing, tracking and product identification are key features of our products.



What You Need

Imagine how much more efficient you’d be if your staff no longer had to manually complete paperwork for stock transfers, or spend time making telephone calls to check availability. Our solutions make their lives easier – and your customers happier.


Proof of delivery with electronic signature capture

Ease of product identification – costly mistakes are reduced

Tracking of items in warehouse and supply chain – reduced admin costs

Quick and easy product location

Improved productivity and efficiency

Reduced overheads

Our Solution

ZKC  experts have over 14 years’ experience researching and supplying equipment to the logistics sector – we know your business almost as well as you do. Our Rugged Android tablet have been chosen because they reduce turnaround times – operatives can check information remotely, reducing downtime and administration.


Improved productivity.

Less mistakes.

Satisfied customers.

Greater profit margins.

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