Emergency Services

ZKC products in the case of emergency services


Your organisation has sent a team to a major incident. The situation is critical, mobile technology could make the difference between life and death. Back at the office, paperwork and admin take up valuable time that would be better spent where people need it most –helping to save lives. ZKC’s hand picked Rugged tablet improve your workflow, reduce downtime and make incident recording more accurate.


Emergency -

What You Need

At ZKC we understand that in your organisation, increased efficiency can save lives. That’s why we have identified equipment which will empower your workforce, taking them out of the office and onto the field.


Less paperwork

Less time spent on administration

Accurate data

Meet targets

Achieve funding and meet budgetary requirements

Centralisation of data

Better use of resources

Improved response times

Peace of mind

Exceed H&S requirements

Save lives

Our Solution

ZKC experts have over 14 years’ experience researching and supplying to emergency services industries. Our Rugged tablet increase reliability and minimise paperwork – helping your organisation improve response rates, exceed targets and save lives.


Budgets are properly allocated

Human resources optimised

Funding granted to your organisation

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